Commit 360faa36 authored by Arun Raghavan's avatar Arun Raghavan 🐾
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build: Install module_common_types.h and dependencies

This is needed for at least the AudioFrame class.

Unfortunately, this does add a bit of ugliness because
module_common_types.h has video bits that are hidden behind our own
define, which now becomes part of pkg-config CFLAGS.

This could be made less ugly, potentially, but I'm not sure how right
parent 7771f4d7
......@@ -5,11 +5,14 @@ pkgconfig_DATA = webrtc-audio-processing.pc
webrtcincludedir = $(includedir)/webrtc_audio_processing
nobase_webrtcinclude_HEADERS = webrtc/base/arraysize.h \
webrtc/base/constructormagic.h \
webrtc/base/basictypes.h \
webrtc/base/platform_file.h \
webrtc/common.h \
webrtc/common_types.h \
webrtc/typedefs.h \
webrtc/modules/audio_processing/beamformer/array_util.h \
webrtc/modules/audio_processing/include/audio_processing.h \
# FIXME: We should deprecate installing this to the top directory soon
webrtcinclude_HEADERS = webrtc/modules/audio_processing/include/audio_processing.h
......@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ Name: webrtc-audio-processing
Description: WebRTC Audio Processing library
Libs: -L${libdir} -lwebrtc_audio_processing
Cflags: -I${includedir}/webrtc_audio_processing @PLATFORM_CFLAGS@
Cflags: -DWEBRTC_AUDIO_PROCESSING_ONLY_BUILD -I${includedir}/webrtc_audio_processing @PLATFORM_CFLAGS@
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