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This is meant to be a more Linux packaging friendly copy of the AudioProcessing
module from the WebRTC[1] project. The ideal case is that we make no changes to
the code to make tracking upstream code easy.
This package currently only includes the AudioProcessing bits, but I am very
open to collaborating with other projects that wish to distribute other bits of
the code and hopefully eventually have a single point of packaging all the
WebRTC code to help people reuse the code and avoid keeping private copies in
several different projects.
Patches, suggestions welcome. You can send them to the PulseAudio mailing
list[2] or to me at the address below.
-- Arun Raghavan <>
Assembling some quick notes on maintaining this tree vs. the original WebRTC
project source code.
1. Running meld on a pristine tree's src/ vs. the same directory in the WebRTC
code should produce a fairly easy-to-parse set of differences that can be
merged. I've kept the test code out for now, but this might get merged in
the future. The .gyp/.gypi files are included to make tracking addition and
removal of files easy to track.
2. Be sure to keep the keep the comment on top of the version field in up-to-date so that it's easy to track what changes went in at
what point.
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