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Update NEWS

The release notes, on which the NEWS file is based on, weren't complete
at the time of release. Now the notes should be complete.
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......@@ -3,20 +3,32 @@ PulseAudio 13.0
Changes at a glance:
* Added support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
* Improved 5.1 surround channel routing
* Improved initial card profile selection for ALSA cards
* Automatically switch away from unavailable card profiles
* Bluetooth card profile choices aren't persistent any more by default
* Added support for SteelSeries Arctis 5 USB headset
* Added support for some SteelSeries Arctis 5 USB headsets
* Removed KDE specific routing configuration
* New information collection script for bug reports: pa-info
* New "max_latency_msec" module argument for module-loopback
* New "fast_adjust_threshold_msec" module argument for module-loopback
* New "stream_name" module argument for module-rtp-send
* Fixed S/PDIF for CMEDIA USB2.0 High-Speed True HD Audio
* Use source sample spec and channel map by default in module-loopback
* module-role-cork and module-role-ducking can now use recording streams as triggers
* New "avoid_resampling" module argument for module-udev-detect and module-alsa-card
* "avoid_resampling" also tries to avoid format conversion if the ALSA device supports it
* Added support for non-PCM formats in module-null-sink
* More efficient channel remapping in some cases for 32-bit streams
* Removed the "latency_time" option from module-null-source
* New function to enable realtime scheduling for client threads
* New convenience functions for getting parameters from pa_format_info
* New function for pa_threaded_mainloop to run a callback in the mainloop thread without the mainloop lock being held
* Const-ification of parameters across headers
* Removed BlueZ 4 support
* Dropped intltool
* Introduction of the Meson build system
* Const-ification of parameters across headers
* New build option for improving build reproducibility
* Minor bug-fixes, bindings updates and several translation updates
Detailed change log:
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