1. 10 Aug, 2022 23 commits
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      Update NEWS · 625366dd
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      Add name to AUTHORS · e62e42f8
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      Use project relative paths in CMake files · fac146f4
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      This makes it possible for projects to incorporate D-Bus as a CMake sub-project in a larger CMake project.
      Before this PR, doing so would result in many errors.
      This is because CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR and CMAKE_BINARY_DIR would point to directories above the D-Bus project.
      Using paths relative to the project directory, PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR and PROJECT_BINARY_DIR, corrects for this.
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      Bump CMake version to 3.4 · ad5836cb
      Jordan Williams authored
      With the minimum version set to 3.4, none of the policies need to be set explicitly to the `NEW` behavior.
      Each of the policies removed here was introduced before CMake version 3.4.
      By default then, each of them will be set to NEW automatically.
      This is part of the behavior of cmake_minimum_required.
      The cmake_policy commands are therefore redundant and have been removed.
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