Commit 3517f37b authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵
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pluginloader: Print Python library path that is tried to be loaded

parent 2dd3bb0c
......@@ -229,10 +229,10 @@ plugin_init (GstPlugin * plugin)
"_Py_NoneStruct", &has_python) && has_python) {
GST_LOG ("libpython is already loaded");
} else {
GST_LOG ("loading libpython");
libpython =
g_module_open (PY_LIB_LOC "/libpython" PYTHON_VERSION PY_ABI_FLAGS
"." PY_LIB_SUFFIX, 0);
const gchar *libpython_path =
GST_LOG ("loading libpython from '%s'", libpython_path);
libpython = g_module_open (libpython_path, 0);
if (!libpython) {
g_critical ("Couldn't g_module_open libpython. Reason: %s",
g_module_error ());
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