Commit 08d97aad authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

st/mesa: fix texture deletion context mix-up issues (v2)

When we destroy a context, we need to temporarily make that context
the current one for the thread.

That's because during context tear-down we make many calls to
_mesa_reference_texobj(&texObj, NULL).  Note there's no context
parameter.  If the texture's refcount goes to zero and we need to
delete it, we use the thread's current context.  But if that context
isn't the context we're tearing down, we get into trouble when
deallocating sampler views.  See patch 593e36f9 ("st/mesa:
implement "zombie" sampler views (v2)") for background information.

Also, we need to release any sampler views attached to the fallback

Fixes a crash on exit with a glretrace of the Nobel Clinician

v2: at end of st_destroy_context(), check if save_ctx == ctx and
unbind the context if so.
Reviewed-by: default avatarRoland Scheidegger <>
Reviewed-by: Neha Bhende's avatarNeha Bhende <>
Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca's avatarJose Fonseca <>
parent d13167cd
......@@ -917,15 +917,39 @@ st_destroy_context(struct st_context *st)
struct gl_context *ctx = st->ctx;
struct st_framebuffer *stfb, *next;
struct gl_framebuffer *save_drawbuffer;
struct gl_framebuffer *save_readbuffer;
/* Save the current context and draw/read buffers*/
if (save_ctx) {
save_drawbuffer = save_ctx->WinSysDrawBuffer;
save_readbuffer = save_ctx->WinSysReadBuffer;
} else {
save_drawbuffer = save_readbuffer = NULL;
* We need to bind the context we're deleting so that
* _mesa_reference_texobj_() uses this context when deleting textures.
* Similarly for framebuffer objects, etc.
_mesa_make_current(ctx, NULL, NULL);
if (curctx == NULL) {
/* No current context, but we need one to release
* renderbuffer surface when we release framebuffer.
* So temporarily bind the context.
_mesa_make_current(ctx, NULL, NULL);
/* This must be called first so that glthread has a chance to finish */
_mesa_HashWalk(ctx->Shared->TexObjects, destroy_tex_sampler_cb, st);
/* For the fallback textures, free any sampler views belonging to this
* context.
for (unsigned i = 0; i < NUM_TEXTURE_TARGETS; i++) {
struct st_texture_object *stObj =
if (stObj) {
st_texture_release_context_sampler_view(st, stObj);
......@@ -933,11 +957,6 @@ st_destroy_context(struct st_context *st)
/* This must be called first so that glthread has a chance to finish */
_mesa_HashWalk(ctx->Shared->TexObjects, destroy_tex_sampler_cb, st);
st_reference_fragprog(st, &st->fp, NULL);
st_reference_prog(st, &st->gp, NULL);
st_reference_vertprog(st, &st->vp, NULL);
......@@ -965,4 +984,12 @@ st_destroy_context(struct st_context *st)
st = NULL;
if (save_ctx == ctx) {
/* unbind the context we just deleted */
_mesa_make_current(NULL, NULL, NULL);
} else {
/* Restore the current context and draw/read buffers (may be NULL) */
_mesa_make_current(save_ctx, save_drawbuffer, save_readbuffer);
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