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This file lists notable changes in each release. For the full history of all
changes, see ChangeLog.
2018-07-15: v0.8.2 release
* Drivers:
- Add USB ID for TNP Nano USB Fingerprint Reader
- Fix UPEKTS enrollment never finishing on some devices
* Library:
- Fix fp_get_pollfds() retval type, a small ABI change
- Downgrade fatal errors to run-time warnings, as a number of drivers
used to throw silent errors and we made them fatal. Those will now
be visible warnings, hopefully helping with fixing them.
2018-06-12: v0.8.1 release
- Brown paperbag release to install the udev rules file in the correct
directory if the udev pkg-config file doesn't have a trailing slash
project('libfprint', [ 'c', 'cpp' ],
version: '0.8.1',
version: '0.8.2',
license: 'LGPLv2.1+',
default_options: [
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