Commit 2365c608 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

lib: Change "unsigned" to "unsigned int"

To appease gtk-doc's struct parser, which chokes on the short name for
the data type.

parent 6c6daaa6
......@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@ struct fpi_frame {
struct fpi_frame_asmbl_ctx {
unsigned frame_width;
unsigned frame_height;
unsigned image_width;
unsigned int frame_width;
unsigned int frame_height;
unsigned int image_width;
unsigned char (*get_pixel)(struct fpi_frame_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
struct fpi_frame *frame,
unsigned x,
unsigned y);
unsigned int x,
unsigned int y);
void fpi_do_movement_estimation(struct fpi_frame_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
......@@ -45,16 +45,16 @@ struct fp_img *fpi_assemble_frames(struct fpi_frame_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
GSList *stripes, size_t stripes_len);
struct fpi_line_asmbl_ctx {
unsigned line_width;
unsigned max_height;
unsigned resolution;
unsigned median_filter_size;
unsigned max_search_offset;
unsigned int line_width;
unsigned int max_height;
unsigned int resolution;
unsigned int median_filter_size;
unsigned int max_search_offset;
int (*get_deviation)(struct fpi_line_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
GSList *line1, GSList *line2);
unsigned char (*get_pixel)(struct fpi_line_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
GSList *line,
unsigned x);
unsigned int x);
struct fp_img *fpi_assemble_lines(struct fpi_line_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
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