Commit 8b2efaa1 authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig 💜
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pan/bi: Unit test DISCARD+FCMP fusing

Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
parent 5e4cb7f6
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......@@ -237,6 +237,32 @@ main(int argc, const char **argv)
I->clamp = BI_CLAMP_CLAMP_0_1;
/* Check that we fuse comparisons with DISCARD */
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_fcmp_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_LE, BI_RESULT_TYPE_F1)),
bi_discard_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_LE));
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_fcmp_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_NE, BI_RESULT_TYPE_I1)),
bi_discard_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_NE));
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_fcmp_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_EQ, BI_RESULT_TYPE_M1)),
bi_discard_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_EQ));
for (unsigned h = 0; h < 2; ++h) {
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_half(bi_fcmp_v2f16(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_LE, BI_RESULT_TYPE_F1), h)),
bi_discard_f32(b, bi_half(x, h), bi_half(y, h), BI_CMPF_LE));
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_half(bi_fcmp_v2f16(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_NE, BI_RESULT_TYPE_I1), h)),
bi_discard_f32(b, bi_half(x, h), bi_half(y, h), BI_CMPF_NE));
CASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_half(bi_fcmp_v2f16(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_EQ, BI_RESULT_TYPE_M1), h)),
bi_discard_f32(b, bi_half(x, h), bi_half(y, h), BI_CMPF_EQ));
/* Refuse to fuse special comparisons */
NEGCASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_fcmp_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_GTLT, BI_RESULT_TYPE_F1)));
NEGCASE(bi_discard_b32(b, bi_fcmp_f32(b, x, y, BI_CMPF_TOTAL, BI_RESULT_TYPE_F1)));
TEST_END(nr_pass, nr_fail);
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