Commit 06acf062 authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig 💜
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[HACK] Don't fuse vartex on v9

Still need to r/e the op.
Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
parent b4b62b2a
......@@ -222,6 +222,7 @@ bi_is_var_tex(bi_instr *var, bi_instr *tex)
static bool
bi_optimizer_var_tex(bi_context *ctx, bi_instr *var, bi_instr *tex)
if (ctx->arch >= 9) return false;
if (!bi_is_var_tex(var, tex)) return false;
/* Construct the corresponding VAR_TEX intruction */
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