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Commit a06b6548 authored by Alexander Jiang's avatar Alexander Jiang
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add dockerfile and readme

parent d0d10811
docker build -t video-accel . -f docker/video-accel/Dockerfile
docker run --gpus all -v $PWD:/src/inokyo -v $PWD/data:/data --shm-size=1g --ulimit memlock=-1 --ulimit stack=67108864 -it --rm video-accel bash
cd lib/gst-meta
cargo build --release
cd ../gst-plugins
cargo build --release
cd ../..
cargo build --release
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FROM as base1
RUN apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends curl build-essential
RUN curl -sSf | bash -s -- -y
ENV PATH="/root/.cargo/bin:${PATH}"
COPY . /src/inokyo
WORKDIR /src/inokyo
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