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Waffle 1.5.0 Release Notes
Backwards compatibility notes
Waffle 1.5.0 is backwards-compatible with Waffle 1.4.0, in ABI and API.
New Features
* Windows: Experimental support for WGL [Emil Velikov]
Emil graciously added support for the Windows WGL API this summer,
represented by the new enum 'WAFFLE_PLATFORM_WGL'. The plan is to convert
Piglit's Windows build to use this rather than GLUT.
* wflinfo now prints the OpenGL shading language version. [Dylan Baker]
* Linux: Some library dependencies converted from static to dynamic [Emil Velikov]
libwaffle on Linux no longer statically links to, and instead dynamically
opens, the libraries below. This change allows a single build of Waffle to be
deployed onto systems with and without these libraries.
Contributors since Waffle 1.4.0
80 Emil Velikov <>
28 Chad Versace <>
2 Frank Henigman <>
2 Jordan Justen <>
1 Dylan Baker <>
1 José Fonseca <>
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