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doc: Add release notes for Waffle 1.4.0-rc1

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Waffle 1.4.0 Release Notes (draft)
Backwards compatibility notes
Waffle 1.4.0 is backwards-compatible with Waffle 1.3.0, in ABI and API.
New Features
* All platforms
* wflinfo
The new 'wflinfo' utility reports information about the system's OpenGL
capabilities, similar to 'glxinfo'. See the documentation at
[man:wflinfo.1] or [].
(Implemented by Jordan Justen. Chad Versace fixed some bugs and corner
* Linux
* GBM backend gains support for DRM render nodes.
Waffle's GBM backend will now use render nodes (/dev/dri/render*) if
available. Otherwise, it falls back to 1.3.0 behavior and will use a DRI
card device (/dev/dri/card*). Render nodes require a recent kernel; you
may need to add drm.rnodes=1 to the kernel cmdline.
(Implemented by Jordan Justen).
* Debian packaging support.
Waffle now contains a toplevel 'debian' directory that supports creation
of Debian packages. Waffle packages are already available in Debian
Unstable ("sid") as 'libwaffle-1.0', 'libwaffle-dev', 'libwaffle-doc',
and 'waffle-utils'.
(Debian packages are maintained by Jordan Justen).
Contributors since Waffle 1.3.0
Sorted by number of commits.
93 Chad Versace <>
36 Jordan Justen <>
24 Emil Velikov <>
2 Arun Sl <>
2 Rob Bradford <>
1 Arthur She <>
1 Brian Paul <>
1 Juha-Pekka Heikkila <>
1 Marek Olšák <>
1 Matt Turner <>
1 Paul Berry <>
These notes are the template for the next release. They do not document
an actual Waffle release.
Waffle NEXT - (Date TBD)
Waffle NEXT is now available. This release introduces a new wflinfo utility
which creates an OpenGL or OpenGLES context and prints information about the
context. Waffle is now also packaged for Debian. Details below.
As usual, the release is available as a tarball
Or as tag 'waffle-NEXT' in the git repository
git:// refs/tags/waffle-NEXT
If you're using Archlinux, it's in the AUR as 'waffle'.
If you're using Debian, it should be available in the unstable sid release in
in packages with names starting with 'libwaffle' and in the 'waffle-utils'
New Features
- [all platforms] A new wflinfo utility creates a context for the various
OpenGL API's supported by waffle and it will then print out some
information about the created context. See the documentation for wflinfo
in manpage wflinfo(1).
- [linux] Waffle now has Debian packaging support.
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