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doc: Add preliminary waffle-1.3.0 release notes

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Waffle 1.3.0 - TODO
Waffle 1.3.0 is now available. This release introduces the ability create
forward-compatible and debug contexts as well as improved support for Mac OS.
Details below.
sha256 sum:
TODO waffle-1.3.0.tar.xz
New Features
- [all platforms] Support for creating forward-compatible OpenGL contexts.
See the documentation for WAFFLE_CONTEXT_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE in manpage
- [all platforms] Support for creating OpenGL and OpenGL ES debug contexts.
See the documentation for WAFFLE_CONTEXT_DEBUG in manpage waffle_config(3).
- [cgl] Improved support on Mac OS for choosing the OpenGL context version.
This will be needed for Piglit to transparently run OpenGL 3.1 tests on Mac
Previously, Waffle required the client to choose exactly either 3.2 or leave
the context version at its default value, 1.0. Now, Waffle emulates the
behavior of EGL: the client may request any context flavor, and Waffle will
promote the requested flavor to the latest supported flavor
backwards-compatible with the requested one).
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