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release: Publish Waffle 1.7.0

Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov's avatarEmil Velikov <>
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# Waffle 1.7.0 Release Notes
## New Features
* Wayland: Support for the xdg-shell protocol.
The protocol has been stable for years, and supersedes wl-shell.
Xdg-shell is used when available and wl-shell our fallback.
Note that wl-shell is planned for removal with waffle 2.0.0.
* Surfaceless: Implement window resize
* GLX/WGL: Behave correctly in the presence of ARB_create_context
Requesting certain versions, while the extension is present, was
was resulting in incorrect GL/GLES profile selection.
* Tests: Rework and extend test suite
Massive overhall of the test suite, adding tests for profile and
flags combinations, catching issues like the GLX/WGL above.
* cmake: Bump requirement to 2.8.12
* man: Spelling and associated fixes.
* GBM: Pass valid arguments to gbm_surface_create_with_modifiers
* Apple: Build fixes
Remove invalid librt and use correct include (case-sensitive) folder.
## Contributors since 1.6.0
Adrian Negreanu (1):
WaffleDefineCompilerFlags: FindPkgConfig variables are lists
Alexandros Frantzis (1):
surfaceless_egl: Implement resize functionality
Alexey Brodkin (2):
tests/gl_basic_test: s/GBM/SURFACELESS_EGL/ typo
tests/gl_basic_test: fix SURFACELESS_EGL only build
Dylan Baker (6):
Version: bump version for 1.6.90 for development
Merge branch 'release-notes' into 'master'
move include/waffle to include/waffle-1
meson: Generate cmake config and version files if meson is new enough
meson: Separate tests into suites
meson: remove completed todo comments
Emil Velikov (46):
gitlab-ci: bump xvfb wait time
glx: correctly handle ARB_create_context lack/presence
wgl: correctly handle ARB_create_context lack/presence
func: add context API tests
func: add profile tests
func: actually check the GL* version created
func: add robust tests
func: add more debug tests
egl: drop misleading always true asserts
glx: drop misleading always true asserts
wgl: drop misleading always true asserts
glx: fold GLES* extension checking
wgl: fold GLES* extension checking
wayland: bump required version to 1.10
wayland: rework extern symbols handling
func: print waffle error message as applicable
tests/gl_basic_test: remove "custom" CGL tests
tests/gl_basic_test: reshuffle/group tests
tests/gl_basic_test: add/use better assert macros
tests/gl_basic_test: add GL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK check
tests/gl_basic_test: add compat/fwdcompat workaround
apple: hide GL deprecation warnings
tests/gl_basic_test: add apple/core context workaround
tests/gl_basic_test: complete and document test coverage
wflinfo: use glGetStringi() only when available
meson: do not replace datadir for bash completion
meson: always install bash-completion file
docs: Add waffle 1.6.1 release notes
docs: Add waffle 1.6.2 release notes
tests: meson: remove host_machine.system() guard
tests: enable all the tests
gitlab-ci: add surfaceless to the cmake build
meson: fixup and group dependencies per platform
meson: use include/compile_args dependencies
docs: Add waffle 1.6.3 release notes
release: Publish Waffle 1.6.2
release: Publish Waffle 1.6.3
wayland: Generate the core wl_interface symbols
meson, cmake: wire build support for wayland xdg-shell
wayland: Add support for xdg-shell stable
android: meson: dump API version
wayland: annotate the new/old waffle/wayland API
.gitlab-ci.yml: use cmake + make
cmake: bump minimum cmake version to 2.8.12
basic: add SL supports
waffle: Bump version to 1.7.0
Eric Engestrom (3):
gl_basic_test: avoid reading uninitialised platform
gitlab-ci: introduce pre-merge CI
meson: use github URL for wraps instead of completely unreliable wrapdb
Jesse Natalie (1):
meson: Fix meson build if bash-completion not found
Jordan Justen (6):
.gitlab-ci.yml: Build website from master branch www directory
doc: Add release-process.txt
meson: Build third_party/threads with hidden symbols
man: Add refpurpose on waffle_enum page
man: Fix spelling, successfull => successful
wflinfo: Fix spelling, Succesfully => Successfully
Kenneth Graunke (1):
CMake: Install bash completions into prefix
Marek Olšák (1):
gbm: don't pass invalid arguments to gbm_surface_create_with_modifiers
Rafael Antognolli (1):
meson: Redefine 'datadir' instead of 'prefix'.
Simon Zeni (3):
gitlab-ci: update to latest ci-template
wayland: handle fullscreen and maximize
meson: remove explicit python search
Yurii Kolesnykov (2):
cmocka: don't require librt, when it's not unavailable
apple: use correct include folder s/Appkit/AppKit/
69e42d15d08f63e7a54a8b8770295a6eb04dfd1c6f86c328b6039dbe7de28ef3 waffle-1.7.0.tar.xz
7a7e064395551ce20a694be7ecb4795effc3fd6f614943e50445469631677f6e waffle-1.7.0.tar.xz.asc
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