Commit 34bd1e85 authored by Chad Versace's avatar Chad Versace
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waffle-merge: Insert missing space in commit messages

Fix "Mergebranch" -> "Merge branch". Regex had a bug.
parent ff8703f9
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ function wfl_cleanup_merge_msg {
for p in "${prefixes_to_trim[@]}"; do
# Trim prefix off of incoming merge refname.
sed_cmd+=(-e "s|^(Merge\|\*) (branch \|tag \|)'$p/([^']+)'|\1\2'\3'|")
sed_cmd+=(-e "s|^(Merge \|\* )(branch \|tag \|)'$p/([^']+)'|\1\2'\3'|")
# Trim prefix off of HEAD's refname.
sed_cmd+=(-e "s|^(Merge .* into )$p/|\1|")
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