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doc: Add release notes for Waffle 1.4.4

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Waffle 1.4.4 Release Notes
New Stuff
* Waffle now installs CMake PackageConfig files.
The new files are WaffleConfig.cmake and WaffleConfigVersion.cmake.
These are like Linux pkg-config files, but specific to CMake. See
commit 622efdd [1].
* Fix version check in FindWaffle.cmake
This bug only affects other projects that use CMake and used FindWaffle.cmake.
See bug [].
Changes since 1.4.3
Chad Versace (2):
doc: Add release notes for Waffle 1.4.4
waffle: Bump version to 1.4.4
Dylan Baker (2):
cmake: Add cmake PackageConfig files
cmake: fix version search
Jordan Justen (4):
debian: Add WaffleConfig*.cmake to libwaffle-dev package
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