Commit 818768af authored by Johan Dahlin's avatar Johan Dahlin

revert last commit

Original commit message from CVS:
revert last commit
parent c1d25d47
......@@ -106,7 +106,6 @@ typedef struct _GstGnomeVFSSrc
gint audiocast_thread_die_outfd;
gint audiocast_port;
gint audiocast_fd;
GMutex *list_uris_mutex;
} GstGnomeVFSSrc;
typedef struct _GstGnomeVFSSrcClass
......@@ -344,16 +343,9 @@ static gchar **
gst_gnomevfssrc_uri_get_protocols (void)
static gchar **protocols = NULL;
static GMutex *mutex = NULL;
if (G_UNLIKELY (!protocols)) {
if (!mutex)
mutex = g_mutex_new ();
g_mutex_lock (mutex);
if (!protocols)
protocols = gst_gnomevfs_get_supported_uris ();
g_mutex_unlock (mutex);
return protocols;
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