Commit 89368861 authored by Seungha Yang's avatar Seungha Yang 🐑

video-hdr: Fix document typo

Fix missing document update. GstVideoContentLightMeta was changed to
GstVideoContentLightLevel during code review.
parent 81dd81b7
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ gboolean gst_video_mastering_display_info_add_to_caps (const GstVideoMastering
GstCaps * caps);
* GstVideoContentLightMeta:
* GstVideoContentLightLevel:
* @maxCLL_n: the numerator of Maximum Content Light Level (cd/m^2 and nit)
* @maxCLL_d: the denominator of Maximum Content Light Level (cd/m^2 and nit)
* @maxFALL_n: the numerator Maximum Frame-Average Light Level (cd/m^2 and nit)
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