Commit 1b089ab0 authored by Xavier Claessens's avatar Xavier Claessens Committed by Xavier Claessens

glcolorconvert: Fix external-oes shader

The #extention must come before 'precision highp float;'.

Closes: #650
parent 89368861
......@@ -2010,6 +2010,10 @@ _create_shader (GstGLColorConvert * convert)
&& info->templ->target != GST_GL_TEXTURE_TARGET_EXTERNAL_OES)
g_string_append (str, glsl_OES_extension_string);
g_string_append (str,
gst_gl_shader_string_get_highest_precision (convert->context, version,
if (info->templ->uniforms)
g_string_append (str, info->templ->uniforms);
......@@ -2086,12 +2090,9 @@ _create_shader (GstGLColorConvert * convert)
&version, &profile);
g_free (tmp);
strings[1] =
gst_gl_shader_string_get_highest_precision (convert->context, version,
strings[2] = info->frag_prog;
strings[1] = info->frag_prog;
if (!(stage = gst_glsl_stage_new_with_strings (convert->context,
GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER, version, profile, 3, strings))) {
GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER, version, profile, 2, strings))) {
GST_ERROR_OBJECT (convert, "Failed to create fragment stage");
g_free (info->frag_prog);
info->frag_prog = NULL;
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