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# gst-plugins-rs [![](]( [![pipeline status](](
Infrastructure for writing [GStreamer](
plugins and elements in the [Rust programming
language](, and a collection of various GStreamer
Documentation for the crate containing the infrastructure for writing
GStreamer plugins in Rust, [`gst-plugin`](gst-plugin), can be found
[here]( The whole
API builds upon the [application-side GStreamer bindings](
Repository containing various [GStreamer](
plugins and elements written in the [Rust programming
The plugins build upon the [GStreamer Rust bindings](
Check the of that repository also for details about how to set-up
your development environment.
Various example plugins can be found in the [GIT repository]( A blog post series about writing GStreamer plugins/elements can be found [here]([2](
For background and motivation, see the [announcement
and the follow-up blogposts
Note that the overall implementation has changed completely since those
blogposts were written.
gst-plugins-rs and all crates contained in here that are not listed below are
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