Commit 3db28f92 authored by Tilman Sauerbeck's avatar Tilman Sauerbeck Committed by Peter Hutterer

configure: make XNEST default to auto.

When we're checking whether to build Xnest, we're comparing the
variable to auto but before it never was assigned that.
Signed-off-by: Tilman Sauerbeck's avatarTilman Sauerbeck <>

[Xnest was enabled to yes to increase build exposure and catch compiler
errors early. The requirements to Xnest are quite low and I expect most
developers have them, so Xnext will be enabled on most boxes. Anyone
missing those requires probably doesn't want to build Xnest anyway.]
Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
parent 78ad6ca9
......@@ -604,7 +604,7 @@ dnl DDXes.
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xorg, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xorg], [Build Xorg server (default: auto)]), [XORG=$enableval], [XORG=auto])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(dmx, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-dmx], [Build DMX server (default: auto)]), [DMX=$enableval], [DMX=auto])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xvfb, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xvfb], [Build Xvfb server (default: yes)]), [XVFB=$enableval], [XVFB=yes])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xnest, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xnest], [Build Xnest server (default: yes)]), [XNEST=$enableval], [XNEST=yes])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xnest, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xnest], [Build Xnest server (default: auto)]), [XNEST=$enableval], [XNEST=auto])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xquartz, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xquartz], [Build Xquartz server for OS-X (default: auto)]), [XQUARTZ=$enableval], [XQUARTZ=auto])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(standalone-xpbproxy, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-standalone-xpbproxy], [Build a standalone xpbproxy (in addition to the one integrated into Xquartz as a separate thread) (default: no)]), [STANDALONE_XPBPROXY=$enableval], [STANDALONE_XPBPROXY=no])
AC_ARG_ENABLE(xwin, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xwin], [Build XWin server (default: auto)]), [XWIN=$enableval], [XWIN=auto])
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