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      Improve modules loading defaults · e91b9ddc
      David Nusinow authored
      Provide default modules that may be overrided easily. Previously the
      server would load a set of default modules, but only if none were
      specified in the xorg.conf, or if you didn't have a xorg.conf at all. This
      patch provides a default set and you can add only the "Load" instructions
      to xorg.conf that you want without losing the defaults. Similarly, if you
      don't want to load a module that's loaded by default, you can add "Disable
      modulename" to your xorg.conf (see man xorg.conf in this release for
      details). This allows for a minimal "Modules" section, where the user only
      need specify what they want to be different. See bug #10541 for more.
      The list of default modules is taken from the set loaded by default when
      there was a xorg.conf containing no "Modules" section.
      A potential problem for some users is that some users disable a module,
      most notably DRI, by commenting out the "Load" line in their xorg.conf.
      This needs to be changed to an uncommented "Disable" line, as DRI is
      loaded by default.
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