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    • David Nusinow's avatar
      Allow the user to not have a screen section · 8825d36a
      David Nusinow authored
      If none is present, a default one will be created. This will be attached
      to either the first device section in the xorg.conf (allowing you to
      specify something like using EXA without having a screen section) or a
      default screen section if none is present in the file.
    • David Nusinow's avatar
      Don't require that the screen explicitly attach the device section · 8665cf33
      David Nusinow authored
      This will allow the screen to not explicitly have a device section. If
      this is the case and there is a device section in the xorg.conf, the first
      one will be used. If there is no device section at all, a default one will
      be created that loads the automatically determined module.
    • David Nusinow's avatar
      First pass at improved video driver autoloading · 6033d815
      David Nusinow authored
      This is what we're currently shipping in Debian. Enables the ability for
      drivers to ship a text file listing PCI ID's they support, and have the
      server read them on startup when no driver is specified. This works, but
      isn't the final solution.
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    • Daniel Stone's avatar
      XFree86: Allow disabling of HAL · 0e0174d4
      Daniel Stone authored
      If NoAutoAddDevices is given as a server flag, then no devices will be added
      from HAL events at all.  If NoAutoEnableDevices is given, then the devices will
      be added (and the DevicePresenceNotify sent), but not enabled, thus leaving
      policy up to the client.
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    • David Nusinow's avatar
      Add more informative logging for module default loading · 021e5df8
      David Nusinow authored
      When the modules section is parsed, if a module is set to be loaded by
      default, this will be logged. If it is redundantly specified in xorg.conf,
      this will also be noted. None of this logging will happen if the xorg.conf
      lacks a modules section.
  16. 04 May, 2007 2 commits
    • David Nusinow's avatar
      Provide UseDefaultFontPath option · 030a5783
      David Nusinow authored
      This provides a new option, UseDefaultFontPath. This option is enabled by
      default, and causes the X server to always append the default font path
      (defined at compile time) to the font path for the server. This will allow
      people to specify additional font paths if they want without breaking
      their font path, thus hopefully avoiding ye olde "fixed front" problem.
      Because this option is a ServerFlag option, the ServerFlags need to be
      processed before the files section of the config file, so swap the order
      that they are processed.
    • David Nusinow's avatar
      Improve modules loading defaults · e91b9ddc
      David Nusinow authored
      Provide default modules that may be overrided easily. Previously the
      server would load a set of default modules, but only if none were
      specified in the xorg.conf, or if you didn't have a xorg.conf at all. This
      patch provides a default set and you can add only the "Load" instructions
      to xorg.conf that you want without losing the defaults. Similarly, if you
      don't want to load a module that's loaded by default, you can add "Disable
      modulename" to your xorg.conf (see man xorg.conf in this release for
      details). This allows for a minimal "Modules" section, where the user only
      need specify what they want to be different. See bug #10541 for more.
      The list of default modules is taken from the set loaded by default when
      there was a xorg.conf containing no "Modules" section.
      A potential problem for some users is that some users disable a module,
      most notably DRI, by commenting out the "Load" line in their xorg.conf.
      This needs to be changed to an uncommented "Disable" line, as DRI is
      loaded by default.
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    • Adam Jackson's avatar
      Static markup and dead code cull over xkb/. · 021fc5cb
      Adam Jackson authored
      The former <X11/extensions/XKBsrv.h> has been pulled into the server now as
      include/xkbsrv.h, and the world updated to look for it in the new place,
      since it made no sense to define server API in an extension header.  Any
      further work along this line will need to do similar things with XKBgeom.h
      and friends.
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