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      Auf wiedersehen, KAA. · 703a9645
      Adam Jackson authored
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      Sun bug #6685465: Xephyr uses wrong or bad colortable in 8-bit mode · c8216aed
      Jeremy Uejio authored
      This bug is caused by Xephyr not handling the RGB byte order correctly
      of the server where Xephyr is displaying on. The previous code just
      assumed that the order was RGB and did not take into account that
      Xservers may use different order (such as BGR).
      The fix is to add a function to calculate the byte order and bits
      to shift based on the visual mask and the visual bits_per_rgb (which
      is usually 8, but could be server dependent).  Since the shifts won't
      change once the display connection has been made, I can cache these
      values so that Xephyr doesn't have to keep recalculating them everytime
      it tries to translate the Xephyr colormap entries for Xephyr clients to
      the actual server colormap entries (i.e. calling the function
      hostx_set_cmap_entry() repeatedly for every colormap entry).
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      Work around the DIX losing mmWidth/mmHeight for RandR 1.1 DDXen. · 2e8daee0
      Aaron Plattner authored
      RandR 1.1 has a physical size for each mode.  It used to be that the DIX would
      remember these modes and pass them back up to the DDX when changing the screen
      configuration.  The DDX uses RR_GET_MODE_MM to query the driver for the physical
      dimensions of the screen, allowing it to preserve the DPI.
      With RandR 1.2, the physical dimensions are stored as part of the output, rather
      than per mode.  The DIX only uses the sizes passed in from the DDX to select the
      mode pool for the "default" output, and forgets the physical sizes.  Then, when
      reconfiguring the screen, it makes up a new RRScreenSizeRec using the dimensions
      from the output, screwing up the DPI.
      This change works around this problem by ignoring the DIX and querying the real
      size from the driver.
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      Don't try to load DRI2 if built without it. · e2bbf2d2
      Adam Jackson authored
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      Declare xf86InterpretEEDID() properly. · 66d7c9de
      Adam Jackson authored
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