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    • Cyril Brulebois's avatar
      Enable silent rules for cat and echo. · 28b4c02d
      Cyril Brulebois authored
      One gets this:
      |   GEN    lf3-xaaBitmap.c
      |   GEN    lf3-xaaBitmap.c
      |   GEN    lf3-xaaBitmap.c
      |   GEN    lf3-xaaBitmap.c
      |   CC     lf3-xaaBitmap.lo
      instead of this:
      | echo "#define LSBFIRST" > l3-xaaBitmap.c
      | echo "#define TRIPLE_BITS" >> l3-xaaBitmap.c
      | echo '#include "../../../../hw/xfree86/xaa/xaaBitmap.c"' >> l3-xaaBitmap.c
      |   CC     l3-xaaBitmap.lo
      Occurrences found using:
      | git grep -E '(cat|echo)' -- '*Makefile.am'
      Reviewed-by: Gaetan Nadon's avatarGaetan Nadon <memsize@videotron.ca>
      Signed-off-by: Cyril Brulebois's avatarCyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>
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    • Dave Airlie's avatar
      xf86 ddx: add vga arbiter support. · e454f106
      Dave Airlie authored
      This adds support for using the libpciaccess interface for
      vga arbitration support on top of a kernel which supports it.
      Currently patches are queued for kernel 2.6.32 in jbarnes
      pci tree, and shipping in Fedora kernel.
      Tiago Vignatti <tiago.vignatti@nokia.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Airlie <airlied@redhat.com>
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    • Maarten Maathuis's avatar
      randr: Improve per-crtc gamma support. · 91f73b79
      Maarten Maathuis authored
      - The Gamma values from the monitor section are now used during initial config.
      - The old colormap system is disabled when gamma set hook is available.
      - Gamma values are now persistent for the lifetime of the xserver.
      - This requires no driver changes and should be driver ABI compatible.
  13. 07 Dec, 2008 1 commit
    • Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade's avatar
      Use libtool convenience libraries and better "symbol" table. · b1dac41f
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade authored
        All .a libraries were converted to .la, and instead of linking the
      Xorg binary with a mix of .a and .la, and adding some libraries more
      then once in the command line, etc, now it generates a single libxorg.la
      from all the required convenience libraries, and links with a dummy
      xorg.c (that should usually be the file with the main function...).
      This removes the requirement of some things like libosandcommon and
      libinit, that existed to circumvent problems when linking multiple
      .a and .la in the final Xorg binary.
        The "symbol table" is now generated dynamically, by a shell script,
      with an embedded gawk parser that parses cpp output. The new file
      sdksyms.sh is generated by hand by analyzing all Makefile.am's and
      making it create a sdksyms.c file, that includes all sdk headers that
      will add symbols for the Xorg binary. Module headers aren't read, and
      a in 2 files it was required to add a "<hash>ifndef XorgLoader" around
      declarations shared between the Xorg binary and libextmod. A few
      other changes were added to other sdk headers, like preventing
      multiple inclusion, or including other headers to satisfy dependencies.
        This should be a lot more portable, and better (hopefully properly)
      using libtool to generate convenience libraries.
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    • Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade's avatar
      Rework symbol visibility for easier maintenance · 49f77fff
      Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade authored
        Save in a few special cases, _X_EXPORT should not be used in C source
      files. Instead, it should be used in headers, and the proper C source
      include that header. Some special cases are symbols that need to be
      shared between modules, but not expected to be used by external drivers,
      and symbols that are accessible via LoaderSymbol/dlopen.
        This patch also adds conditionally some new sdk header files, depending
      on extensions enabled. These files were added to match pattern for
      other extensions/modules, that is, have the headers "deciding" symbol
      visibility in the sdk. These headers are:
      o Xext/panoramiXsrv.h, Xext/panoramiX.h
      o fbpict.h (unconditionally)
      o vidmodeproc.h
      o mioverlay.h (unconditionally, used only by xaa)
      o xfixes.h (unconditionally, symbols required by dri2)
        LoaderSymbol and similar functions now don't have different prototypes,
      in loaderProcs.h and xf86Module.h, so that both headers can be included,
      without the need of defining IN_LOADER.
        xf86NewInputDevice() device prototype readded to xf86Xinput.h, but
      not exported (and with a comment about it).
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    • Adam Jackson's avatar
      EDID: Various reduced blanking fixes. · 8c8c4fdf
      Adam Jackson authored
      - Use a single common function to compute reducedness.
      - Call it from both the old-school and new-school mode validation paths.
      - Define monitor reduced-blanking support in accord with EDID 1.4.
      - Attempt to filter RB DMT modes away from the "standard" EDID pool if
        the monitor doesn't claim RB support.
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    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Allow RandR objects to be created before the associated ScreenRec. · ec77a95a
      Keith Packard authored
      xf86 drivers need to create RandR object in the PreInit stage,
      before the ScreenRec is allocated. Changing the RandR DIX code
      to permit this required the addition of functions that later associate the
      objects with the related screen.
      An additional change is that modes are now global, and no longer associated
      with a specific screen. This change actually makes mode management cleaner
      as there is no more per-screen list of modes to deal with.
      This changes the RandR 1.2 ABI/API for drivers.
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