1. 17 Feb, 2007 2 commits
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      Ensure drivers can use new modes header files. · 096965ec
      Keith Packard authored
      New modes header files required a few minor changes to be used by external
      drivers, the most notable of which is the publication of the config file
      parser header files.
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      Enable startup-time rotation; change rotation pixmap creation API. · e4507825
      Keith Packard authored
      Add monitor "Rotate" option taking one of "normal", "left", "inverted" or
      "right". However, because initial mode selection is made before the screen
      is completely initialized, we cannot create the shadow pixmap object at this
      point. Pend the shadow pixmap creation until the block handler.
      Note that this code is not completely functional yet.
  2. 16 Feb, 2007 3 commits
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      Report correct RandR 1.0 sizeID. Report correct subpixel order. · 258beebc
      Keith Packard authored
      RandR 1.0 sizeID must be computed the same way every time, so when reporting
      it in the ScreenChangeNotify event, just construct the usual 1.0 data block
      and use that.
      subpixel geometry information can be computed by looking at the connected
      outputs and finding any with subpixel geometry and using one of those for
      the global screen subpixel geometry. This might be improved by reporting
      None if more than one screen has information and they conflict.
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      Allow new modes code to build inside drivers as well as server. · ef6b1235
      Keith Packard authored
      Use config.h for driver builds where xorg-config.h isn't available.
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      Merge crtc/output-based mode selection code. · d4eb4d06
      Keith Packard authored
      This code comes from the intel driver, so there's no history in this tree.
      As the crtc/output-based mode selection code uses ddc, the ddc and i2c
      modules have been merged into the server. Attempts to load them are safely
      ignored now.