Commit fe4cd0e7 authored by Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan 🛠 Committed by Adam Jackson
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compiler.h: Do not include sys/io.h on ARM with glibc

<sys/io.h> on ARM hasn't worked for a long, long time, so it was removed
it from glibc upstream.

Remove the include to avoid a compilation failure on ARM with glibc.

Signed-off-by: Olivier Fourdan's avatarOlivier Fourdan <>
Closes: xorg/xserver#840
parent ce9455b5
......@@ -758,36 +758,6 @@ inl(unsigned short port)
return xf86ReadMmio32Le((void *) ioBase, port);
#elif defined(__arm__) && defined(__GLIBC__)
/* for glibc on ARM, we use the LIBC inx/outx routines */
/* note that the appropriate setup via "ioperm" needs to be done */
/* *before* any inx/outx is done. */
#include <sys/io.h>
static __inline__ void
xf_outb(unsigned short port, unsigned char val)
outb(val, port);
static __inline__ void
xf_outw(unsigned short port, unsigned short val)
outw(val, port);
static __inline__ void
xf_outl(unsigned short port, unsigned int val)
outl(val, port);
#define outb xf_outb
#define outw xf_outw
#define outl xf_outl
#elif defined(__nds32__)
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