Commit eda7dbff authored by Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia's avatar Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia
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XORG_TLS: Pick the first option that works (ie: prefer __thread)

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia's avatarJeremy Huddleston Sequoia <>
parent 5da82f87
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ AC_DEFUN([XORG_TLS], [
keywords="__thread __declspec(thread)"
for kw in $keywords ; do
AC_TRY_COMPILE([int $kw test;], [], ac_cv_tls=$kw)
AC_TRY_COMPILE([int $kw test;], [], ac_cv_tls=$kw ; break ;)
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