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glamor: Assume EGL in glamor_context

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......@@ -21,29 +21,26 @@
#include <epoxy/egl.h>
* @file glamor_context.h
* This is the struct of state required for context switching in
* glamor. It has to use types that don't require including either
* server headers or Xlib headers, since it will be included by both
* the server and the GLX (xlib) code.
* glamor. Initially this was abstracted away from EGL, and
* presumably it would need to be again if someone wanted to use
* glamor with WGL/CGL.
struct glamor_context {
/** Either an EGLDisplay or an Xlib Display */
void *display;
/** Either a GLXContext or an EGLContext. */
void *ctx;
/** The EGLSurface we should MakeCurrent to */
void *drawable;
/** The GLXDrawable we should MakeCurrent to */
uint32_t drawable_xid;
EGLDisplay display;
EGLContext ctx;
EGLSurface surface;
void (*make_current)(struct glamor_context *glamor_ctx);
Bool glamor_glx_screen_init(struct glamor_context *glamor_ctx);
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