Commit e337de2d authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson 🎧

xinerama: Implement graphics exposures for window->pixmap copies (v4)

This code is using GetImage to accumulate a logical view of the window
image (since the windows will be clipped to their containing screen),
and then PutImage to load that back into the pixmap.  What it wasn't
doing was constructing a region for the obscured areas of the window and
emitting graphics exposures for same.

v2: Fix coordinate translation when the source is the root window
v3: Create sourceBox with the right coordinates initially instead of
translating (Keith Packard)
v4: Clamp the region to 15 bits to avoid overflow (Keith Packard)
Signed-off-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <>
parent f1f865e9
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ PanoramiXClearToBackground(ClientPtr client)
PanoramiXCopyArea(ClientPtr client)
int j, result, srcx, srcy, dstx, dsty;
int j, result, srcx, srcy, dstx, dsty, width, height;
PanoramiXRes *gc, *src, *dst;
Bool srcIsRoot = FALSE;
Bool dstIsRoot = FALSE;
......@@ -1091,6 +1091,8 @@ PanoramiXCopyArea(ClientPtr client)
srcy = stuff->srcY;
dstx = stuff->dstX;
dsty = stuff->dstY;
width = stuff->width;
height = stuff->height;
if ((dst->type == XRT_PIXMAP) && (src->type == XRT_WINDOW)) {
DrawablePtr drawables[MAXSCREENS];
DrawablePtr pDst;
......@@ -1105,13 +1107,12 @@ PanoramiXCopyArea(ClientPtr client)
return rc;
pitch = PixmapBytePad(stuff->width, drawables[0]->depth);
if (!(data = calloc(stuff->height, pitch)))
pitch = PixmapBytePad(width, drawables[0]->depth);
if (!(data = calloc(height, pitch)))
return BadAlloc;
XineramaGetImageData(drawables, srcx, srcy,
stuff->width, stuff->height, ZPixmap, ~0, data,
pitch, srcIsRoot);
XineramaGetImageData(drawables, srcx, srcy, width, height, ZPixmap, ~0,
data, pitch, srcIsRoot);
stuff->gc = gc->info[j].id;
......@@ -1123,14 +1124,63 @@ PanoramiXCopyArea(ClientPtr client)
(*pGC->ops->PutImage) (pDst, pGC, pDst->depth, dstx, dsty,
stuff->width, stuff->height,
0, ZPixmap, data);
width, height, 0, ZPixmap, data);
if (dstShared)
if (pGC->graphicsExposures) {
RegionRec rgn;
int dx, dy;
BoxRec sourceBox;
dx = drawables[0]->x;
dy = drawables[0]->y;
if (srcIsRoot) {
dx += screenInfo.screens[0]->x;
dy += screenInfo.screens[0]->y;
sourceBox.x1 = min(srcx + dx, 0);
sourceBox.y1 = min(srcy + dy, 0);
sourceBox.x2 = max(sourceBox.x1 + width, 32767);
sourceBox.y2 = max(sourceBox.y1 + height, 32767);
RegionInit(&rgn, &sourceBox, 1);
/* subtract the (screen-space) clips of the source drawables */
ScreenPtr screen = screenInfo.screens[j];
RegionPtr sd;
if (pGC->subWindowMode == IncludeInferiors)
sd = NotClippedByChildren((WindowPtr)drawables[j]);
sd = &((WindowPtr)drawables[j])->clipList;
if (srcIsRoot)
RegionTranslate(&rgn, -screen->x, -screen->y);
RegionSubtract(&rgn, &rgn, sd);
if (srcIsRoot)
RegionTranslate(&rgn, screen->x, screen->y);
if (pGC->subWindowMode == IncludeInferiors)
/* -dx/-dy to get back to dest-relative, plus request offsets */
RegionTranslate(&rgn, -dx + dstx, -dy + dsty);
/* intersect with gc clip; just one screen is fine because pixmap */
RegionIntersect(&rgn, &rgn, pGC->pCompositeClip);
/* and expose */
SendGraphicsExpose(client, &rgn, dst->info[0].id, X_CopyArea, 0);
else {
DrawablePtr pDst = NULL, pSrc = NULL;
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