Commit d41b8960 authored by Matthias Hopf's avatar Matthias Hopf

randr: Fix initial panning border copy

Thanks to Julien Cristau for finding this.
parent fd77ce9f
......@@ -1348,7 +1348,10 @@ xf86InitialPanning (ScrnInfoPtr scrn)
&track_width, &track_height, &track_left, &track_top,
&brdr[0], &brdr[1], &brdr[2], &brdr[3])) {
case 12:
memcpy (output->initialBorder, brdr, 4*sizeof(INT16));
output->initialBorder[0] = brdr[0];
output->initialBorder[1] = brdr[1];
output->initialBorder[2] = brdr[2];
output->initialBorder[3] = brdr[3];
/* fall through */
case 8:
output->initialTrackingArea.x1 = track_left;
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