Commit d3c36fe7 authored by liuhong's avatar liuhong Committed by Jesse Barnes

validate mode clock for probed modes

Some modes claimed in monitor EDID data may not be supported by
the monitor. So also validating the max clock for probed modes.
parent 4b5b6e7b
......@@ -1410,9 +1410,12 @@ xf86ProbeOutputModes (ScrnInfoPtr scrn, int maxX, int maxY)
* Check default modes against monitor max clock
if (max_clock)
if (max_clock) {
xf86ValidateModesClocks(scrn, default_modes,
&min_clock, &max_clock, 1);
xf86ValidateModesClocks(scrn, output_modes,
&min_clock, &max_clock, 1);
output->probed_modes = NULL;
output->probed_modes = xf86ModesAdd (output->probed_modes, config_modes);
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