Commit d0a14877 authored by Bryce Harrington's avatar Bryce Harrington Committed by Keith Packard

xfree86: Man page shouldn't say Device is mandatory anymore

man xorg.conf states that the 'Device' identifier is required in the
'Screen' section, yet current xserver defaults properly and boots up
fine without it.

Fixes: default avatarBryce Harrington <>
Signed-off-by: Keith Packard's avatarKeith Packard <>
parent 5e91054a
......@@ -1821,9 +1821,7 @@ sections have the following format:
.B Identifier
.B Device
entries are mandatory.
entry is mandatory.
All others are optional.
......@@ -1841,11 +1839,10 @@ The entries available
for this section are:
.TP 7
.BI "Device \*q" device\-id \*q
This mandatory entry specifies the
This entry specifies the
.B Device
section to be used for this screen.
This is what ties a specific graphics card to a screen.
section to be used for this screen. When multiple graphics cards are
present, this is what ties a specific card to a screen. The
.I device\-id
must match the
.B Identifier
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