Commit c7536f4b authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg

Silence REGION_INIT() warning.

Evaluating the address of a BoxRec as a boolean gives this warning:

  i830_driver.c:2317: warning: the address of 'ScreenBox' will always
  evaluate as 'true'

which is pretty annoying.  This patch compares the address to NULL to
avoid the pointer->bool conversion and gets rid of the warning.  Seems
like a lame hack, but the warning is worse.
parent cc052551
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ extern RegDataRec miBrokenData;
#define REGION_INIT(_pScreen, _pReg, _rect, _size) \
{ \
if (_rect) \
if ((_rect) != NULL) \
{ \
(_pReg)->extents = *(_rect); \
(_pReg)->data = (RegDataPtr)NULL; \
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