Commit ab610337 authored by Alan Coopersmith's avatar Alan Coopersmith

Add Extensions section to xorg.conf man page

Extensions section was added in X11R6.8.0 and documented in the release notes:
but never made it into the man page.

Also fix a bonus typo.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlan Coopersmith <>
parent 37297735
......@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ The section names are:
.BR "Files " "File pathnames"
.BR "ServerFlags " "Server flags"
.BR "Module " "Dynamic module loading"
.BR "Extensions " "Extension enabling"
.BR "InputDevice " "Input device description"
.BR "Device " "Graphics device description"
.BR "VideoAdaptor " "Xv video adaptor description"
......@@ -313,7 +314,7 @@ where
.I <identifier>
is an alphanumeric identifier,
.I [attribute]
is an attribute wich will be passed to the underlying FPE and
is an attribute which will be passed to the underlying FPE and
.I <priority>
is a number used to order the fontfile FPEs. Examples:
......@@ -754,6 +755,32 @@ It is recommended
that at very least the \(lqextmod\(rq extension module be loaded.
If it isn't, some commonly used server extensions (like the SHAPE
extension) will not be available.
.B Extensions
section is used to specify which X11 protocol extensions should be enabled
or disabled.
.B Extensions
section is optional, as are all of the entries that may be specified in
Entries in this section are listed as Option statements with the name of
the extension as the first argument, and a boolean value as the second.
The extension name is case\-sensitive, and matches the form shown in the output
of \*qXorg -extension ?\*q.
.RS 7
Example: the MIT-SHM extension can be disabled with the following entry:
.RS 4
.B "Section \*qExtensions\*q"
.B " Option \*qMIT-SHM\*q \*qDisable\*q"
.B "EndSection"
The config file may have multiple
.B InputDevice
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