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Commit a8d6ebdf authored by Michel Dänzer's avatar Michel Dänzer
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EXA: Defer to FillRegionTiled in Composite when possible.

Committed separately as this case is hard to hit and has only been tested
parent 81b05560
......@@ -651,6 +651,45 @@ exaComposite(CARD8 op,
REGION_UNINIT(pDst->pDrawable->pScreen, &region);
goto done;
else if (pSrcPixmap && !pSrc->transform &&
pSrc->repeatType == RepeatNormal)
RegionRec region;
DDXPointRec srcOrg;
/* Let's see if the driver can do the repeat in one go */
if (pExaScr->info->PrepareComposite && !pSrc->alphaMap &&
ret = exaTryDriverComposite(op, pSrc, pMask, pDst, xSrc,
ySrc, xMask, yMask, xDst, yDst,
width, height);
if (ret == 1)
goto done;
/* Now see if we can use exaFillRegionTiled() */
xDst += pDst->pDrawable->x;
yDst += pDst->pDrawable->y;
xSrc += pSrc->pDrawable->x;
ySrc += pSrc->pDrawable->y;
if (!miComputeCompositeRegion (&region, pSrc, pMask, pDst, xSrc,
ySrc, xMask, yMask, xDst, yDst,
width, height))
goto done;
srcOrg.x = (xSrc - xDst) % pSrcPixmap->drawable.width;
srcOrg.y = (ySrc - yDst) % pSrcPixmap->drawable.height;
ret = exaFillRegionTiled(pDst->pDrawable, &region, pSrcPixmap,
&srcOrg, FB_ALLONES, GXcopy);
REGION_UNINIT(pDst->pDrawable->pScreen, &region);
if (ret)
goto done;
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