Commit a72c65e9 authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard
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fb: Adjust transform or composite coordinates for pixman operations

Windows (or even pixmaps, in some cases) may not sit at the origin of
the containing pixmap, so any coordinates relative to the drawable
must be adjusted. For destinations and untransformed sources, the
operation coordinates are adjusted. For transformed sources, the
transform matrix is adjusted.
Signed-off-by: Keith Packard's avatarKeith Packard <>
Acked-by: default avatarSoeren Sandmann <>
parent bd567061
......@@ -2082,8 +2082,11 @@ fbFillRegionSolid (DrawablePtr pDrawable,
FbBits xor);
extern _X_EXPORT pixman_image_t *
image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict,
Bool has_clip);
image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict,
Bool has_clip,
int *xoff,
int *yoff);
extern _X_EXPORT void free_pixman_pict (PicturePtr, pixman_image_t *);
#endif /* _FB_H_ */
......@@ -158,19 +158,24 @@ fbComposite (CARD8 op,
CARD16 height)
pixman_image_t *src, *mask, *dest;
int src_xoff, src_yoff;
int msk_xoff, msk_yoff;
int dst_xoff, dst_yoff;
miCompositeSourceValidate (pSrc, xSrc - xDst, ySrc - yDst, width, height);
if (pMask)
miCompositeSourceValidate (pMask, xMask - xDst, yMask - yDst, width, height);
src = image_from_pict (pSrc, TRUE);
mask = image_from_pict (pMask, TRUE);
dest = image_from_pict (pDst, TRUE);
src = image_from_pict (pSrc, FALSE, &src_xoff, &src_yoff);
mask = image_from_pict (pMask, FALSE, &msk_xoff, &msk_yoff);
dest = image_from_pict (pDst, TRUE, &dst_xoff, &dst_yoff);
if (src && dest && !(pMask && !mask))
pixman_image_composite (op, src, mask, dest,
xSrc, ySrc, xMask, yMask, xDst, yDst,
xSrc + src_xoff, ySrc + src_yoff,
xMask + msk_xoff, yMask + msk_yoff,
xDst + dst_xoff, yDst + dst_yoff,
width, height);
......@@ -270,22 +275,22 @@ create_conical_gradient_image (PictGradient *gradient)
static pixman_image_t *
create_bits_picture (PicturePtr pict,
Bool has_clip)
Bool has_clip,
int *xoff,
int *yoff)
PixmapPtr pixmap;
FbBits *bits;
FbStride stride;
int bpp, xoff, yoff;
int bpp;
pixman_image_t *image;
fbGetDrawable (pict->pDrawable, bits, stride, bpp, xoff, yoff);
bits = (FbBits*)((CARD8*)bits +
(pict->pDrawable->y + yoff) * stride * sizeof(FbBits) +
(pict->pDrawable->x + xoff) * (bpp / 8));
fbGetDrawablePixmap (pict->pDrawable, pixmap, *xoff, *yoff);
fbGetPixmapBitsData(pixmap, bits, stride, bpp);
image = pixman_image_create_bits (
pict->pDrawable->width, pict->pDrawable->height,
pixmap->drawable.width, pixmap->drawable.height,
(uint32_t *)bits, stride * sizeof (FbStride));
......@@ -311,30 +316,52 @@ create_bits_picture (PicturePtr pict,
if (pict->clientClipType != CT_NONE)
pixman_image_set_has_client_clip (image, TRUE);
pixman_region_translate (pict->pCompositeClip, - pict->pDrawable->x, - pict->pDrawable->y);
if (*xoff || *yoff)
pixman_region_translate (pict->pCompositeClip, *xoff, *yoff);
pixman_image_set_clip_region (image, pict->pCompositeClip);
pixman_region_translate (pict->pCompositeClip, pict->pDrawable->x, pict->pDrawable->y);
if (*xoff || *yoff)
pixman_region_translate (pict->pCompositeClip, -*xoff, -*yoff);
/* Indexed table */
if (pict->pFormat->index.devPrivate)
pixman_image_set_indexed (image, pict->pFormat->index.devPrivate);
/* Add in drawable origin to position within the image */
*xoff += pict->pDrawable->x;
*yoff += pict->pDrawable->y;
return image;
static void
set_image_properties (pixman_image_t *image, PicturePtr pict)
set_image_properties (pixman_image_t *image, PicturePtr pict, Bool has_clip, int *xoff, int *yoff)
pixman_repeat_t repeat;
pixman_filter_t filter;
if (pict->transform)
pixman_image_set_transform (
image, (pixman_transform_t *)pict->transform);
/* For source images, adjust the transform to account
* for the drawable offset within the pixman image,
* then set the offset to 0 as it will be used
* to compute positions within the transformed image.
if (!has_clip) {
struct pixman_transform adjusted;
adjusted = *pict->transform;
pixman_image_set_transform (image, &adjusted);
*xoff = 0;
*yoff = 0;
} else
pixman_image_set_transform (image, pict->transform);
switch (pict->repeatType)
......@@ -361,7 +388,8 @@ set_image_properties (pixman_image_t *image, PicturePtr pict)
if (pict->alphaMap)
pixman_image_t *alpha_map = image_from_pict (pict->alphaMap, TRUE);
int alpha_xoff, alpha_yoff;
pixman_image_t *alpha_map = image_from_pict (pict->alphaMap, FALSE, &alpha_xoff, &alpha_yoff);
pixman_image_set_alpha_map (
image, alpha_map, pict->alphaOrigin.x, pict->alphaOrigin.y);
......@@ -394,8 +422,7 @@ set_image_properties (pixman_image_t *image, PicturePtr pict)
pixman_image_t *
image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict,
Bool has_clip)
image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict, Bool has_clip, int *xoff, int *yoff)
pixman_image_t *image = NULL;
......@@ -404,7 +431,7 @@ image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict,
if (pict->pDrawable)
image = create_bits_picture (pict, has_clip);
image = create_bits_picture (pict, has_clip, xoff, yoff);
else if (pict->pSourcePict)
......@@ -428,7 +455,7 @@ image_from_pict (PicturePtr pict,
if (image)
set_image_properties (image, pict);
set_image_properties (image, pict, has_clip, xoff, yoff);
return image;
......@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ fbAddTraps (PicturePtr pPicture,
int ntrap,
xTrap *traps)
pixman_image_t *image = image_from_pict (pPicture, FALSE);
int image_xoff, image_yoff;
pixman_image_t *image = image_from_pict (pPicture, FALSE, &image_xoff, &image_yoff);
if (!image)
......@@ -56,7 +57,8 @@ fbRasterizeTrapezoid (PicturePtr pPicture,
int x_off,
int y_off)
pixman_image_t *image = image_from_pict (pPicture, FALSE);
int mask_xoff, mask_yoff;
pixman_image_t *image = image_from_pict (pPicture, FALSE, &mask_xoff, &mask_yoff);
if (!image)
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