Commit 9b6bb06f authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard

Allow relative positions to use output names or monitor identifiers.

Previous version used monitor identifiers if present, otherwise output
names. That caused existing working configurations to break when additional
information was added to the configuration file.
(cherry picked from commit 3f5cedf0)
parent bed76caa
......@@ -879,13 +879,17 @@ xf86InitialOutputPositions (ScrnInfoPtr scrn, DisplayModePtr *modes)
xf86OutputPtr out_rel = config->output[or];
XF86ConfMonitorPtr rel_mon = out_rel->conf_monitor;
char *name;
if (rel_mon)
name = rel_mon->mon_identifier;
name = out_rel->name;
if (!strcmp (relative_name, name))
if (xf86nameCompare (rel_mon->mon_identifier,
relative_name) == 0)
relative = config->output[or];
if (strcmp (out_rel->name, relative_name) == 0)
relative = config->output[or];
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