Commit 8ac19d16 authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson 💣

Add several comments documenting our EDID failures.

parent 13bfa593
......@@ -264,7 +264,22 @@ DDCModesFromEstablished(int scrnIndex, struct established_timings *timing,
* This is not really correct. Appendix B of the EDID 1.4 spec defines
* the right thing to do here. If the timing given here matches a mode
* defined in the VESA DMT standard, we _must_ use that. If the device
* supports CVT modes, then we should generate a CVT timing. If both
* of the above fail, use GTF.
* There are some wrinkles here. EDID 1.1 and 1.0 sinks can't really
* "support" GTF, since it wasn't a standard yet; so if they ask for a
* timing in this section that isn't defined in DMT, returning a GTF mode
* may not actually be valid. EDID 1.3 sinks often report support for
* some CVT modes, but they are not required to support CVT timings for
* modes in the standard timing descriptor, so we should _not_ treat them
* as CVT-compliant (unless specified in an extension block I suppose).
* EDID 1.4 requires that all sink devices support both GTF and CVT timings
* for modes in this section, but does say that CVT is preferred.
static DisplayModePtr
DDCModesFromStandardTiming(int scrnIndex, struct std_timings *timing,
......@@ -405,7 +420,11 @@ DDCModesFromCVT(int scrnIndex, struct cvt_timings *t)
* This is only valid when the sink claims to be continuous-frequency
* but does not supply a detailed range descriptor. Such sinks are
* arguably broken. Currently the mode validation code isn't aware of
* this; the non-RANDR code even punts the decision of optional sync
* range checking to the driver. Loss.
static void
DDCGuessRangesFromModes(int scrnIndex, MonPtr Monitor, DisplayModePtr Modes)
......@@ -623,10 +642,12 @@ xf86DDCMonitorSet(int scrnIndex, MonPtr Monitor, xf86MonPtr DDC)
Monitor->widthmm = 10 * DDC->features.hsize;
Monitor->heightmm = 10 * DDC->features.vsize;
/* If this is a digital display, then we can use reduced blanking */
* If this is a digital display, then we can use reduced blanking.
* XXX This is a 1.3 heuristic. 1.4 explicitly defines rb support.
if (DDC->features.input_type)
Monitor->reducedblanking = TRUE;
/* Allow the user to also enable this through config */
Modes = xf86DDCGetModes(scrnIndex, DDC);
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