Commit 7e16da7b authored by Soren Sandmann Pedersen's avatar Soren Sandmann Pedersen
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Remove #if 0'ed blocks

parent 2d9a7a76
......@@ -783,47 +783,6 @@ fbCompositeSrc_8888x0565 (CARD8 op,
fbFinishAccess (pSrc->pDrawable);
#if 0
fbCompositeSrc_0565x0565 (CARD8 op,
PicturePtr pSrc,
PicturePtr pMask,
PicturePtr pDst,
INT16 xSrc,
INT16 ySrc,
INT16 xMask,
INT16 yMask,
INT16 xDst,
INT16 yDst,
CARD16 width,
CARD16 height)
CARD16 *dstLine, *dst;
CARD16 *srcLine, *src;
FbStride dstStride, srcStride;
CARD16 w;
fbComposeGetStart (pSrc, xSrc, ySrc, CARD16, srcStride, srcLine, 1);
fbComposeGetStart (pDst, xDst, yDst, CARD16, dstStride, dstLine, 1);
while (height--)
dst = dstLine;
dstLine += dstStride;
src = srcLine;
srcLine += srcStride;
w = width;
while (w--)
WRITE(dst, READ(src++));
fbFinishAccess (pDst->pDrawable);
fbFinishAccess (pSrc->pDrawable);
fbCompositeSrcAdd_8000x8000 (CARD8 op,
PicturePtr pSrc,
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