Commit 7c7f0c2c authored by Søren Sandmann Pedersen's avatar Søren Sandmann Pedersen
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Use IncludeInferiors when copying windows before compositing.

Part of bug 22484.
parent 43ee8d2e
......@@ -159,9 +159,9 @@ fbComposite (CARD8 op,
pixman_image_t *src, *mask, *dest;
miCompositeSourceValidate (pSrc, xSrc - xDst, ySrc - yDst, width, height);
miCompositeSourceValidate (pSrc, xSrc, ySrc, width, height);
if (pMask)
miCompositeSourceValidate (pMask, xMask - xDst, yMask - yDst, width, height);
miCompositeSourceValidate (pMask, xMask, yMask, width, height);
src = image_from_pict (pSrc, TRUE, TRUE);
mask = image_from_pict (pMask, TRUE, TRUE);
......@@ -295,7 +295,8 @@ copy_drawable (DrawablePtr pDraw)
/* First fill the pixmap with zeros */
gcv[0].val = 0x00000000;
dixChangeGC (NullClient, pGC, GCBackground, NULL, gcv);
gcv[1].val = IncludeInferiors;
dixChangeGC (NullClient, pGC, GCBackground | GCSubwindowMode, NULL, gcv);
ValidateGC ((DrawablePtr)pPixmap, pGC);
miClearDrawable ((DrawablePtr)pPixmap, pGC);
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