Commit 7a4ec34e authored by Ben Byer's avatar Ben Byer
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XDarwin: Disable dtrace support on Darwin 9 (since it doesn't work ... yet ...)

parent 3c19ec47
......@@ -69,6 +69,13 @@ dnl Check for dtrace program (needed to build Xserver dtrace probes)
AC_ARG_WITH(dtrace, AS_HELP_STRING([--with-dtrace=PATH],
[Enable dtrace probes (default: enabled if dtrace found)]),
[WDTRACE=$withval], [WDTRACE=auto])
dnl Darwin 9 has dtrace, but it doesn't support compilation into ELF...
if test "x$WDTRACE" = xauto; then
case $host_os in
darwin*) WDTRACE="no" ;;
*) WDTRACE="yes" ;;
if test "x$WDTRACE" = "xyes" -o "x$WDTRACE" = "xauto" ; then
AC_PATH_PROG(DTRACE, [dtrace], [not_found], [$PATH:/usr/sbin])
if test "x$DTRACE" = "xnot_found" ; then
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