Commit 5e91054a authored by Bryce Harrington's avatar Bryce Harrington Committed by Keith Packard
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xfree86: Use fbdev/vesa driver on Oaktrail, Medfield, CDV rather than -intel

Instead of defaulting to -intel for Oaktrail, Medfield, and CDV chips,
default to -fbdev.  For Poulsbo (only), attempt to use -psb if it's
installed, and fallback to fbdev otherwise.  All other Intel chips
should use -intel.

This fixed an issue where -intel would load on these chips and cause a
boot failure.  Newer -intel drivers avoid the boot hang, but it's still
the wrong driver to load, so why take chances.

The patch was originally created by Stefan Dirsch for OpenSUSE.  We have
included it in our stable release (Ubuntu "quantal" 12.10) since


Signed-off-by: default avatarBryce Harrington <>
Signed-off-by: Keith Packard's avatarKeith Packard <>
parent c1602d1c
......@@ -1147,14 +1147,62 @@ xf86VideoPtrToDriverList(struct pci_device *dev,
driverList[0] = "i128";
case 0x8086:
if ((dev->device_id == 0x00d1) || (dev->device_id == 0x7800)) {
driverList[0] = "i740";
else if (dev->device_id == 0x8108) {
break; /* "hooray" for poulsbo */
else {
driverList[0] = "intel";
switch (dev->device_id)
/* Intel i740 */
case 0x00d1:
case 0x7800:
driverList[0] = "i740";
/* GMA500/Poulsbo */
case 0x8108:
case 0x8109:
/* Try psb driver on Poulsbo - if available */
driverList[0] = "psb";
driverList[1] = "psb_drv";
/* GMA600/Oaktrail */
case 0x4100:
case 0x4101:
case 0x4102:
case 0x4103:
case 0x4104:
case 0x4105:
case 0x4106:
case 0x4107:
/* Atom E620/Oaktrail */
case 0x4108:
/* Medfield */
case 0x0130:
case 0x0131:
case 0x0132:
case 0x0133:
case 0x0134:
case 0x0135:
case 0x0136:
case 0x0137:
/* GMA 3600/CDV */
case 0x0be0:
case 0x0be1:
case 0x0be2:
case 0x0be3:
case 0x0be4:
case 0x0be5:
case 0x0be6:
case 0x0be7:
case 0x0be8:
case 0x0be9:
case 0x0bea:
case 0x0beb:
case 0x0bec:
case 0x0bed:
case 0x0bee:
case 0x0bef:
/* Use fbdev/vesa driver on Oaktrail, Medfield, CDV */
driverList[0] = "intel";
case 0x102b:
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