Commit 53fb42e6 authored by Erik Andrén's avatar Erik Andrén Committed by Keith Packard
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Syncmaster 226 monitor needs 60Hz refresh (#10545).

I've managed to solve my own bug (#10545) by applying the following
patch to the xserver.

Please apply.

<Conspiracy mode on>
This monitor is "Vista Certified". I wonder if this is a pure coincidence...
<Conspiracy mode off>

With kind regards
Erik Andrén
(cherry picked from commit a63704f1)
parent fc162c6c
......@@ -86,6 +86,11 @@ static Bool quirk_prefer_large_60 (int scrnIndex, xf86MonPtr DDC)
if (memcmp (DDC->, "ACR", 4) == 0 &&
DDC->vendor.prod_id == 44358)
return TRUE;
/* Samsung SyncMaster 226BW */
if (memcmp (DDC->, "SAM", 4) == 0 &&
DDC->vendor.prod_id == 638)
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
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