Commit 50ca286d authored by Timo Aaltonen's avatar Timo Aaltonen Committed by Adam Jackson

dri2: Sync i915_pci_ids.h and i965_pci_ids.h from mesa

Adds Skylake, Kabylake and Broxton allowing them to use
modesetting + glamor with dri2.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTimo Aaltonen <>
Reviewed-by: Andreas Boll's avatarAndreas Boll <>
parent bf23db42
......@@ -11,5 +11,5 @@ CHIPSET(0x27AE, I945_GME, "Intel(R) 945GME")
CHIPSET(0x29B2, Q35_G, "Intel(R) Q35")
CHIPSET(0x29C2, G33_G, "Intel(R) G33")
CHIPSET(0x29D2, Q33_G, "Intel(R) Q33")
CHIPSET(0xA011, IGD_GM, "Intel(R) IGD")
CHIPSET(0xA001, IGD_G, "Intel(R) IGD")
CHIPSET(0xA011, PNV_GM, "Intel(R) Pineview M")
CHIPSET(0xA001, PNV_G, "Intel(R) Pineview")
......@@ -109,7 +109,55 @@ CHIPSET(0x162A, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Pro P6300 (Broadwell GT3e)")
CHIPSET(0x162B, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris 6100 (Broadwell GT3)")
CHIPSET(0x162D, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Broadwell GT3")
CHIPSET(0x162E, bdw_gt3, "Intel(R) Broadwell GT3")
CHIPSET(0x22B0, chv, "Intel(R) Cherryview")
CHIPSET(0x22B1, chv, "Intel(R) Cherryview")
CHIPSET(0x22B2, chv, "Intel(R) Cherryview")
CHIPSET(0x22B3, chv, "Intel(R) Cherryview")
CHIPSET(0x1902, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 510 (Skylake GT1)")
CHIPSET(0x1906, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 510 (Skylake GT1)")
CHIPSET(0x190A, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x190E, skl_gt1, "Intel(R) Skylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x1912, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2)")
CHIPSET(0x1913, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
CHIPSET(0x1915, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
CHIPSET(0x1916, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2)")
CHIPSET(0x1917, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2f")
CHIPSET(0x191A, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x191B, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2)")
CHIPSET(0x191D, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics P530 (Skylake GT2)")
CHIPSET(0x191E, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 515 (Skylake GT2)")
CHIPSET(0x1921, skl_gt2, "Intel(R) Skylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x1923, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics 540 (Skylake GT3e)")
CHIPSET(0x1926, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) HD Graphics 535 (Skylake GT3)")
CHIPSET(0x1927, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics 550 (Skylake GT3e)")
CHIPSET(0x192A, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x192B, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics (Skylake GT3fe)")
CHIPSET(0x1932, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x193A, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x193B, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x193D, skl_gt4, "Intel(R) Skylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x5902, kbl_gt1, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x5906, kbl_gt1, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x590A, kbl_gt1, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x590B, kbl_gt1, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x590E, kbl_gt1, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1")
CHIPSET(0x5913, kbl_gt1_5, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1.5")
CHIPSET(0x5915, kbl_gt1_5, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1.5")
CHIPSET(0x5917, kbl_gt1_5, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT1.5")
CHIPSET(0x5912, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x5916, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x591A, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x591B, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x591D, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x591E, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2")
CHIPSET(0x5921, kbl_gt2, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT2F")
CHIPSET(0x5926, kbl_gt3, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT3")
CHIPSET(0x592A, kbl_gt3, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT3")
CHIPSET(0x592B, kbl_gt3, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT3")
CHIPSET(0x5932, kbl_gt4, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x593A, kbl_gt4, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x593B, kbl_gt4, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x593D, kbl_gt4, "Intel(R) Kabylake GT4")
CHIPSET(0x22B0, chv, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Cherryview)")
CHIPSET(0x22B1, chv, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Cherryview)")
CHIPSET(0x22B2, chv, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Cherryview)")
CHIPSET(0x22B3, chv, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Cherryview)")
CHIPSET(0x0A84, bxt, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Broxton)")
CHIPSET(0x1A84, bxt, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Broxton)")
CHIPSET(0x5A84, bxt, "Intel(R) HD Graphics (Broxton)")
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