Commit 3a690598 authored by Alan Coopersmith's avatar Alan Coopersmith

Remove unused HandleSpecialKeys config option

Was only used by "keyboard" driver - the last place the value was checked
was in xf86PostKbdEvent, which was removed in commit
parent 1dfed222
......@@ -803,8 +803,6 @@ static OptionInfoRec FlagOptions[] = {
{0}, FALSE },
{0}, FALSE },
{0}, FALSE },
{0}, FALSE },
......@@ -975,22 +973,7 @@ configServerFlags(XF86ConfFlagsPtr flagsconf, XF86OptionPtr layoutopts)
if ((s = xf86GetOptValString(FlagOptions, FLAG_HANDLE_SPECIAL_KEYS))) {
if (!xf86NameCmp(s,"always")) {
xf86Msg(X_CONFIG, "Always handling special keys in DDX\n");
xf86Info.ddxSpecialKeys = SKAlways;
} else if (!xf86NameCmp(s,"whenneeded")) {
xf86Msg(X_CONFIG, "Special keys handled in DDX only if needed\n");
xf86Info.ddxSpecialKeys = SKWhenNeeded;
} else if (!xf86NameCmp(s,"never")) {
xf86Msg(X_CONFIG, "Never handling special keys in DDX\n");
xf86Info.ddxSpecialKeys = SKNever;
} else {
xf86Msg(X_WARNING,"Unknown HandleSpecialKeys option\n");
#ifdef RANDR
xf86Info.disableRandR = FALSE;
xf86Info.randRFrom = X_DEFAULT;
......@@ -101,7 +101,6 @@ _X_EXPORT xf86InfoRec xf86Info = {
.consoleFd = -1,
.vtno = -1,
.vtSysreq = FALSE,
.ddxSpecialKeys = SKWhenNeeded,
.lastEventTime = -1,
.vtRequestsPending = FALSE,
.dontVTSwitch = FALSE,
......@@ -43,12 +43,6 @@ typedef enum {
} Log;
typedef enum {
} SpecialKeysInDDX;
typedef enum {
......@@ -65,7 +59,6 @@ typedef struct {
int consoleFd;
int vtno;
Bool vtSysreq;
SpecialKeysInDDX ddxSpecialKeys;
/* event handler part */
int lastEventTime;
......@@ -432,17 +432,12 @@ server is normally configured to recognize various special combinations
of key presses that instruct the server to perform some action, rather
than just sending the key press event to a client application. The
default XKEYBOARD keymap defines the key combinations listed below.
The server also has these key combinations builtin to its event handler
The kbd (__drivermansuffix__) driver also has these key combinations
builtin to its event handler
for cases where the XKEYBOARD extension is not being used. When using
the XKEYBOARD extension, which key combinations perform which actions
is completely configurable.
For more information about when the builtin event handler
is used to recognize the special key combinations, see
the documentation on the
.B HandleSpecialKeys
option in the __xconfigfile__(__filemansuffix__) man page.
The special combinations of key presses recognized directly
.B __xservername__
......@@ -615,26 +615,6 @@ Default: PM enabled on platforms that support it.
enable or disable XINERAMA extension.
Default is disabled.
.TP 7
.BI "Option \*qHandleSpecialKeys\*q \*q" when \*q
This option controls when the server uses the builtin handler to process
special key combinations (such as
.BR Ctrl+Alt+Backspace ).
Normally the XKEYBOARD extension keymaps will provide mappings for each of
the special key combinations, so the builtin handler is not needed unless
the XKEYBOARD extension is disabled.
The value of
.I when
can be
.BR Always ,
.BR Never ,
.BR WhenNeeded .
Default: Use the builtin handler only if needed.
The server will scan the keymap for a mapping to the
.B Terminate
action and, if found, use XKEYBOARD for processing actions, otherwise
the builtin handler will be used.
.TP 7
.BI "Option \*qAIGLX\*q \*q" boolean \*q
enable or disable AIGLX. AIGLX is enabled by default.
.TP 7
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