Commit 2d67ada3 authored by Pauli Nieminen's avatar Pauli Nieminen Committed by Daniel Stone
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os: always check if client is local when connection is accepted

LocalClient is used for all DRI2 requests that makes it frequently
called function. Querying if connection is local or not takes 10-15us
(on ARM) depending on malloc speed.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPauli Nieminen <>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Stone's avatarDaniel Stone <>
parent 617b7d22
......@@ -1028,20 +1028,19 @@ ResetHosts (char *display)
/* Is client on the local host */
Bool LocalClient(ClientPtr client)
ComputeLocalClient(ClientPtr client)
int alen, family, notused;
Xtransaddr *from = NULL;
pointer addr;
register HOST *host;
OsCommPtr oc = (OsCommPtr) client->osPrivate;
if (!client->osPrivate)
return FALSE;
if (!((OsCommPtr)client->osPrivate)->trans_conn)
if (!oc->trans_conn)
return FALSE;
if (!_XSERVTransGetPeerAddr (((OsCommPtr)client->osPrivate)->trans_conn,
&notused, &alen, &from))
if (!_XSERVTransGetPeerAddr (oc->trans_conn, &notused, &alen, &from))
family = ConvertAddr ((struct sockaddr *) from,
&alen, (pointer *)&addr);
......@@ -1067,6 +1066,13 @@ Bool LocalClient(ClientPtr client)
return FALSE;
Bool LocalClient(ClientPtr client)
if (!client->osPrivate)
return FALSE;
return ((OsCommPtr)client->osPrivate)->local_client;
* Return the uid and gid of a connected local client
......@@ -746,6 +746,7 @@ AllocNewConnection (XtransConnInfo trans_conn, int fd, CARD32 conn_time)
return NullClient;
oc->local_client = ComputeLocalClient(client);
#if !defined(WIN32)
ConnectionTranslation[fd] = client->index;
......@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ typedef struct _osComm {
XID auth_id; /* authorization id */
CARD32 conn_time; /* timestamp if not established, else 0 */
struct _XtransConnInfo *trans_conn; /* transport connection object */
Bool local_client;
} OsCommRec, *OsCommPtr;
extern int FlushClient(
......@@ -217,6 +218,9 @@ typedef long int fd_mask;
#define ffs mffs
extern int mffs(fd_mask);
/* in access.c */
extern Bool ComputeLocalClient(ClientPtr client);
/* in auth.c */
extern void GenerateRandomData (int len, char *buf);
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