Commit 154fb641 authored by Ben Byer's avatar Ben Byer Committed by Ben Byer

Initial support for Spaces -- if you use Expose to drag an X11

window to another Space, it will work correctly (as opposed
to just leaving a ghost window).  We accomplish this by listening
for the notification from Xplugin that our window has been moved,
and then we ask X11 to move the window to the new location.
parent 169f83e3
......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ static inline xp_error
xprConfigureWindow(xp_window_id id, unsigned int mask,
const xp_window_changes *values)
// ErrorF("xprConfigureWindow()\n");
if (!no_configure_window)
return xp_configure_window(id, mask, values);
......@@ -184,7 +185,7 @@ xprMoveFrame(RootlessFrameID wid, ScreenPtr pScreen, int newX, int newY)
wc.x = newX;
wc.y = newY;
// ErrorF("xprMoveFrame(%d, %p, %d, %d)\n", wid, pScreen, newX, newY);
xprConfigureWindow((xp_window_id) wid, XP_ORIGIN, &wc);
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