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    include: Add RELOCATE_PROJECTROOT to xwin-config.h header · ab686ce0
    Ryan Pavlik authored
    RELOCATE_PROJECTROOT is AC_DEFINED in configure.ac, but currently has no effect
    as it doesn't appear in any AC_CONFIG_HEADER header.
    When packaged for Windows, we do not have a unix-style filesystem tree, where
    file needed by the X server can be found in fixed, absolute paths under the
    prefix (PROJECTROOT).
    Instead, the filesystem tree containing files needed by the X server and clients
    will be installed with the directory containing the X server executable as the
    root directory of that tree.
    (Typically, this will be in the Program Files directory, which does not have a
    fixed name, as it can be moved, localized, or added to to indicate x86 or x64
    So, RELOCATE_PROJECTROOT is used to make a native Windows build of the X server
    look for various files (fonts, xkb data) in locations relative to the X server
    rather than at absolute paths, by translating those paths at run-time.
    Additionally the XKEYSYMDB, XERRORDB, XLOCALEDIR env vars checked by libX11 are
    set appropriately for clients started by the X server.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRyan Pavlik <rpavlik@iastate.edu>
    Reviewed-by: Jon Turney's avatarJon TURNEY <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarColin Harrison <colin.harrison@virgin.net>
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